The Five core principles of FitnessCousins

Our tradition of excellence will inspire the fitness fraternity, support the enthusiasts, encourage more volunteers and build collaborations.


Mental Endurance: Let me ask this question – will your body move in any direction if your mind doesn’t want to? The simple answer is a No. Before jumping into the Physical fitness, nutrition & other such discussions, we at FitnessCousins believe in transforming the mind before anything else.

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Physical Fitness: Human bodies are not meant for sedentary lifestyles, however, in the current era of long working hours, gizmos and other modern-day activities this is becoming predominant.

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Good Nutrition is vital for good mental and physical health. “You are what you eat” – the type and amount of food you eat affect the way you feel and how the body works. No matter how many hours you spend at the gym, if not backed by proper Nutrition you will never get the desired results. Nutritionists at FitnessCousins help you make healthy choices by building a diet plan to suit your body requirement.

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Myth Buster

Myth Buster: Yes, the Internet has everything, however; Data these days has also become stressful, as you do not know which source to believe. At FitnessCousins, a team of certified professionals helps you burst all the Myths & get you the facts backed with science.

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Dos & Don’ts

Dos & Don’ts: With certified experts in various fields being part of FitnessCousins Team, we will get you the most accurate list of Mental Endurance, Physical fitness & Nutrition.

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